Our flours and ingredients cover a wide range of applications for food processing companies and artisan workshops.

We produce flours and ingredients in bags or in bulk for different sectors, such as baking, pizza making, pastry and fresh pasta, also providing advice and support for the development of tailor-made solutions based on specific and changing market trends.

The flours and the advanced ingredients produced by Mulino Padano are made starting from a careful selection of the best wheat and a constant control of all stages of production. Our product portfolio also includes a range of flour made with 100% Italian wheat, a short supply chain that involves farmers based within few miles from the plant.

We recently developed GranEssere, a new advanced products and flours line with high fibres content, realized with an exclusive method based on a totally natural use of steam, that preserves the nutritional benefits and enhances the organoleptic characteristics, for a longer shelf life, improved healthiness and a better fragrance.