Flours and ingredients consultants for the industry

The industrial flours and advanced products of Mulino Padano are the key ingredient of cakes for special occasions, baked cakes, biscuits, pastries, fresh pasta, breads, alternatives to bread and other quality recipes that end up on the tables of millions of consumers every day.

The partnership between Mulino Padano and food processing companies has consolidated over the years and is based on the confidence that our customers place in us and our flours, which are regularly tested over time. A solid relationship that allows us to have a thorough knowledge of the market and constantly support our customers in selecting the right flours and ingredients.

Why do we call ourself “flour consultants”? A good knowledge of the customer’s production technique enables us to select the wheat that is most appropriate for their workflow, in full compliance with food safety and traceability.

Our team of specialists can help the client in the evaluation and selection phases of the most suitable flours and ingredients, especially in experimenting new products in line with the needs of our customers, who are becoming more and more aware and demanding.

This is what being “flour consultants” means to us: it is the added value that we have been able to guarantee over the years.

The industry is also very sensitive to the issue of food safety. Consumers want products that are safe, tracked, and guaranteed. Our supply chain is closely monitored, and so is our production process, which is traced with state-of-the-art technologies. Our testing laboratory is equipped to closely monitor the entire production process.

The constant quality of our flours is supported by tradition, experience and continuous innovation. We work every day to feed the trust of our customers.