The production

To keep up with technological innovation, a few years ago we were determined to build a new mill equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to ensure optimum production flexibility, total food safety and full traceability of the supply chain in an increasingly demanding market.

The new production plant in Salara, completed in 2015, has a grinding capacity of 350 tonnes of common wheat over 24 hours.

The plant is able to meet the essential needs of every customer, from artisan workshops to private companies, requiring high quality products that fully comply with the requirements of food safety.

To meet these requirements, we use an advanced system for the preliminary cleaning of wheat, which is unique in Italy, integrated with a cereal cleaning system based on a sophisticated optical selector.

The multiple silos dedicated to raw material and finished products ensure the production and storage of consistent batches, which are managed by a badge system for real-time control of all production batches, in full compliance with the applicable traceability requirements.

These modern facilities are complemented by a fully equipped internal analysis lab, which controls the process from raw material to finished product.

The constant innovative drive led us to develop the exclusive StabilEasy – Natural Steam Stabilization method. Started in 2019 and based on a totally natural use of steam, it allows us to produce flours and advanced ingredients with a longer shelf life, improved healthiness and a better fragrance.

Technology evolution is also useful to reduce our carbon footprint: in terms of sustainability, our mill is highly energy-efficient.