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The StabilEasy

The constant innovative drive to offer flour and advanced ingredients with better quality characteristics and high nutritional value has led Mulino Padano to develop the exclusive StabilEasy – Natural Steam Stabilization method, based on a totally natural use of steam, aimed at preserving the nutritional benefits and enhancing the organoleptic characteristics of each component of the grain.

The advantages of
steam stabilization

The StabilEasy – Natural Steam Stabilization method uses a natural “steam stabilization”, which improves the quality of the products by giving wheat fibres the advantage of:

1. Extended shelf life

The StabilEasy method stops the enzymatic activity responsible for the oxidation of the lipid component, making precious components of the grain such as wheat germ usable by naturally lengthening its shelf life.

2. Increased healthiness

The StabilEasy method improves the healthiness of the product by breaking down the bacteria on the outermost layers of the wheat caryopsis.

3. A more intense aroma

Ingredients obtained naturally with the StabilEasy method have a pleasantly unique taste and strong aroma without affecting the nutritional content. Ingredients with a high fibre content, usually characterized by bitter notes, become sweeter and tastier. This gives finished products a unique aroma.

A completely
natural method

StabilEasy – Natural Steam Stabilization is a completely natural method without additives because it is based on the natural use of steam.
Thanks to this aspect, nutritional properties are not altered.

Additionally, with steam treatment the product is not immersed in water, therefore preserving precious nutrients in the best way possible.

Technology is
nature’s ally

The StabilEasy method’s technology is nature’s ally because it makes it possible to appreciate certain components of the wheat grain that were unavailable to us before.

For example, wheat germ is characterized by a lipid component that makes it nutritious but gives it an extremely short shelf life. With the StabilEasy method the nutritional value is preserved, giving the product a longer shelf life.

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