Mulino Padano

In our mill we always look forward: innovation is in our DNA.

This is what drives us to continuously explore new and better methods of transforming the rich and precious raw material into products that can meet the changing tastes of consumers and the increasing demand for healthy and natural foods. For this reason, we have always been very careful to preserve the high nutritional value and authenticity of our products. Today, we propose a new line of advanced ingredients and fiber rich flours with high nutritional value.

We feel we are “expert curators” of raw material, which we treat and mix in new and all natural ways to give our customers ideal solutions.

Our Research and Development area, “Mulino Padano Innovation”, aims to continuously innovate the flours and advanced ingredients that we supply to customers. We partner with customers to support them in conceiving and creating the best food products.

Our goal is to create ingredients that are the secret to the success of the products made by our customers.

Mulino Padano Laboratorio Farine Strumentazione
Mulino Padano Laboratorio Farine

How we innovate

In 2015, we inaugurated the new grinding plant in Salara (RO), considered one of the most innovative in Italy, to guarantee maximum production flexibility, respect for food safety, and full traceability of the supply chain. The plant is equipped with an advanced grain and flour analysis laboratory and a bread-making laboratory to test finished products.

In 2019, we launched the StabilEasy – Natural Steam Stabilization project, a new method of processing all natural wheat, which allows us to create healthier flours and ingredients

with a prolonged shelf life, improved taste, and stronger fragrance.

Our Mulino Padano Innovation area constantly monitors market trends and demands through a continuous internal research and optimization process, allowing us to produce products and offer them to our customers with maximum efficiency.

Your partner
in product innovation

We always start from the customer’s needs to develop the best flours and mixes that can be integrated into existing production processes with the aim of obtaining better, healthier, and safer finished products.

Thanks to our specialized technicians and over 80 years of experience, we are the ideal partner for the early stages of developing new products for food and professional industries.

forno professionale

Experimental Oven

To fine-tune the ideal mixtures for your needs, we extensively test products in our experimental oven in collaboration with industry professionals.


Laboratory Analysis

To guarantee a high and constant quality for our products and to ensure complete food safety, we carry out continuous tests in the internal analysis laboratory, which is equipped with the most modern instruments.

consulenza farine

Consultancy always included

We provide our know-how at no additional cost with the aim of supporting you in innovating your product range. 

Forno sperimentale Mulino Padano
Laboratorio sperimentale Farine Mulino Padano

Always at the service
of the food industry
and professionals

Save time and money

Our plant equipment allows us to offer both basic and mixed ingredients, allowing you to optimize purchasing, warehouse management, and production.

The advantage of a single supplier

A single supplier with an overall view of the customer’s needs allows you to optimize logistics and take advantage of costs: a single point of contact is easier to manage and accredit.

Simplification of manufacturing processes

The constant support of our specialized technicians with visits and consultations aimed at adopting new solutions facilitates the development of finished products. This has a positive impact on your business.